Workouts without equipment

What can be more efficient and straightforward than going up infinite steps? If your gym is equipped with StairMaster, don’t hesitate! I discovered this machine in my room, and clearly, you have to hang on, but we work well.

How did it work? The idea is to climb stairs infinitely.

The right position? If you know how to climb a staircase (I think so), it’s simple! You keep your back straight, your pelvis immobile, your hands on the handlebars for stability, and you push on your legs to climb. For a productive session, try to hold as little as possible on the handles with your hands, or even not to hold yourself at all, this will help you burn a maximum of calories.

Pedaling is within everyone’s reach, and it’s the ideal indoor activity for beginners. It does not stress the joints and makes it possible to build muscle in the lower body (calves, thighs, legs, and glutes) but also the hips and abs.

The right position? Adjust the height of your saddle concerning the handlebars! The goal is to be able to stay straight, and legs almost stretched when the feet are far apart.

The idea behind this test is that the more you exercise intensely, the more you are breathless, and the more difficult it is for you to speak, you will agree!

You will, therefore, be able to say if you are at a time T in low, moderate (which is the minimum in HIIT) or high intensity.

For example, sing a song you know, recite poetry, or talk to your training partner if you have one.

If you can speak comfortably and your speech is right: the effort is too weak. Otherwise, you are at least level 5 on the Borg scale.

The Borg scale is a measure of perception of effort, subjective. It is an easy way to monitor its intensity without the need for equipment, but it involves being honest with yourself!

The idea is to give you an intensity note on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 is the effort you make when you play Candy Crush while 10 is the effort you make to escape a freak who pursues you with a knife.

Functional training is essential to ensure the proper physical condition of caregivers. This useful training program will prevent or relieve back pain, a real professional risk for personnel responsible for helping people.
Our bodybuilding programs have performance (mass gain, explosiveness), aesthetic (having a flat stomach, muscular back, toned and bulging buttocks) or health (increasing the primary metabolism, improving or finding a good condition) objectives. Physical).

The Running Programs Site is aimed at both beginner, and runner jogger confirmed trail or long distances.

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