Strength and Cardio Workout

The mobilization of fats becomes more active over the effort to save carbohydrate expenditure. It becomes optimal after 2:30 to 3 hours of effort. A walk of 3 hours is thus more beneficial than 3 hours of walk spread over three days. So choose long outings. If you can, coordinate the session with another endurance activity (walking to go shopping, housework, etc.): an elliptical bike session practiced just after half an hour of cleaning, for example, will make your exercise effective because lipolysis will be optimal from the start of the course!

Another primary criterion is the compatibility of your type of sport with your daily life: Think about the time you want to devote to training. While you can start running across the threshold of your door and quickly confront your limits, to get to the pool, you need to plan travel time. Do you think it realistic to do this path regularly? If you plan to cycle, consider that basic training takes longer than running or swimming. Do you have time to periodically pedal for 1 to 2 hours and the right environment nearby?

If you are in good shape and good health, running is one of the most practical sports: Running is possible anytime and anywhere. If, on the other hand, you have joint problems or your knees are often subjected to massive efforts, cycling or swimming will often be the best choice. Training on a cross-trainer or rower can be alternatives. Anyone suffering from chronic diseases such as vascular or heart problems should consult their doctor before starting endurance (cardio) training.

But above all, you have to understand that this happens when people simply don’t give the muscles time to adapt to a new “aggressive” exercise.

Small damage to muscles is good because it stimulates them to grow and adapt to stress. However, if the importance is too high, the fibers are destroyed.

When this happens, these degrade and release compounds that can be harmful to the liver (such as a protein called myoglobin), which can cause brown urine, a classic symptom of rhabdo.

That doesn’t mean you have to run away from spin or HIIT classes, just that you have to give your muscles enough time to adjust. Instructors should also be made more aware.

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