Sports program for losing weight

Becoming more efficient, your body needs more energy to nourish your muscles. These will, therefore, burn more calories and continuously increase your metabolism.

Unlike cardio- rhythmic time exercises, a weight training session is paced by the number of sets and repetitions of the same movement. You must adapt this number to your goal and your level of practice, go gradually! Do not forget to repeat the work on the left and right sides.

This CrossFit program to adequately prepare the Opens comprises 40 sessions and lasts eight weeks. OPENs are the first part of the CrossFit world championships, the Games. They take place over five weeks due to a weekly test revealed at the start of the week. The first workout is presented below. Click on the image to consult the rest of the plan.

The best sports program for losing weight associates a program of modification of the eating behavior, and especially not a strict diet, with a sports program of moderate continuous exercises or intense exercises alternated with recovery times, the high-intensity interval training or HIIT, depending on the level of expertise of the practitioners. By clicking on the following image, you will be able to consult one of these four programs.

One of the most popular and famous cardio machines in the gym. Indeed, running at a constant and moderate pace is a safe way to burn fat and burn calories.

However, this movement can put some pressure on the joints. That’s why you should try to stick to gentle movements. Besides, we always recommend that you start by walking and gradually begin to run.

One of the most beneficial aspects of the treadmill is its plasticity. Regardless of skill, age, or size, anyone can use it to increase resistance, lose weight, and improve cardiovascular health.

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