Indoor cardio machine

The great classic of the gym, the elliptical has proven itself and will be your ally to tone you, build muscle, and it will also appeal to your pectoral muscles and your arms. Simple to use, this machine allows you to burn calories while working your heart rate.

How does it work? By reproducing the same movements as cross-country skiing, the elliptical trainer allows you to work on the cardio, to build up your upper and lower body, and to lose weight without straining the joints since there is no impact ( unlike running for example).

The right position? We install our feet well in the center of the pedals, slightly forward, then we grab the fixed handles in front of us. We keep the back straight, the abs covered, the hips well in front of the machine, and we don’t forget to breathe.

Results? Muscular buttocks and slender legs.

After your HIIT session, you continue to burn calories, and it can last for 24 hours and even more! This is called the delayed fat burning effect, better known as the AfterBurn Effect.

HIIT also allows you to increase your VO2 max quickly. You will see a marked improvement in your aerobic and anaerobic capacities. To find out more, see the benefits section of our article on the Tabata method.

One of the easiest ways to monitor the intensity of your exercise is the Conversation Test. You don’t need any equipment, no heart rate monitor, nothing, nada!

All you need is to be able to speak and breathe.

Physical preparation for an adequately planned winter ski holiday guarantees a successful sports holiday without aches or injuries, even if you are sedentary or very little trained.

This plan, consisting of 5 periods of 4 weeks each, allows you to play sports without having knee pain. It aims to refine proprioceptive sensations. The activities that make it up are gentle physical activities at the start, water walking, elliptical trainer, and more intense at the end, trampoline, and leaping strides.

As you will have seen, there are many cardio machines in the gym. All are great for getting in shape and getting rid of calories. As always, we recommend that you warm-up and stretch before and after your cardiovascular exercise sessions.

Remember that the intensity of the work is essential. The more you increase the strength, the more calories you will burn!

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