Full body cardio workout

Endurance (cardio) training is essential – regardless of the type of sport and the goal. In general, we either like or hate endurance training (cardio). But the game is worth the effort. Always and for each of us. We explain why.
It exists in many forms. By endurance (cardio) training, we mean sports that stimulate the cardiovascular system . Classic endurance sports are running, swimming, and cycling. Long sessions on the cross trainer or rower also fall into this category. The duration of a training session and its intensity of execution depend on the personal objective and the level of fitness of the sportsman.
Endurance (cardio) training is particularly suitable for weight loss. During long workouts, the body learns to burn fat effectively. Anyone who trains for at least 30 minutes at a slow pace and with a weak pulse teaches their body to draw the necessary energy from fat stores. Besides, each endurance session burns a lot of calories and helps to reach a calorie deficit faster to lose weight.

Muscles require energy to lift weights and work effectively. Energy production cannot succeed without the supply of oxygen. Regular (cardio) endurance training increases the body’s maximum oxygen absorption capacity.

The good thing about this method is that you can adapt your intensive training to suit your level or your shape of the day. You will be able to customize the HIIT method by playing on one or more aspects:

Duration of effort and recovery sequences
Recovery intensity, active or not
Number of repetitions and series
Difficulty of exercises
Total training time
Modification of the courses (in the form of a circuit for example)

The sharpening period aims to reduce the state of fatigue while maintaining a good rule of training. To sharpen is to arrive at the maximum of your possibilities on the day of the competition by playing on the processes of overcompensation. The performance level is the difference between the fatigue curve and the training curve (hatched area). Tiredness disappears more quickly than the effects of training. The performance level increases to a maximum, which is on the day of the competition if everything has been well planned. For this, various strategies may have been implemented: reduce the volume, intensity or frequency of the sessions

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