Cardio workout bodybuilding

To exercise your cardio, you don’t need a gym membership or to invest in an exercise bike. No need to spend 1 hour running either …

This article is therefore intended for all those who are broke, but besides those who do not have time! Not, this article is designed for all those (men and women) who want to be able to do cardio exercises at home because it is good for health

As we have seen, interval training is an effective way to burn fat. It consists of a repetition of accelerations (high or maximum intensity) and breaks. The breaks can be active (low energy) or passive (minimum concentration). The duration of the effort times varies from a few seconds to a few minutes, depending on the objective to be achieved (weight and fat loss, training, power development, etc.).

You can do this cardio circuit every day if you want, but if you can already keep to a rhythm of 3 times a week, that’s good. Ç has made you a complete workout in only 30 minutes/week, not wrong, right?

You don’t have to follow my program to the letter, and you can adapt it by keeping only a few exercises. However, try to make sure that your session is not less than 8-10min. If you remove exercises while maintaining the same execution times, then do three sets instead of 2. (for example, three sets of 3min = 9min, it’s ok).

If you are starting, take it easy. This kind of high-intensity session can quickly turn your head.

The fractional requires good physical condition. Do it only if you already do an endurance sport regularly. Ask for your doctor’s opinion.

Besides, if you practice a slimming diet, know that the practice of a sporting activity is not always compatible, in particular in the case of intense and prolonged efforts. Read about this article, Sport and diet: is it consistent? Always seek the advice of a doctor before starting a diet or if you are on a diet and want to start a sporting activity.

Cycling is suitable for getting started because it preserves the joints, and the movement is easy to execute. The prerequisite for any cycling session is a good position for the saddle and handlebars. It requires knowledge or the help of an expert. In particular, if you are a reasonably advanced athlete, essential endurance (cardio) training in cycling often takes longer than running or swimming.

Endurance (cardio) training confronts the body with new challenges. You must take these new goals into account in your diet. The need for minerals is increasing. The zinc and magnesium, in particular, is essential for perfect muscle function and rapid recovery. The BCCA protects muscles when the drive is performed on an empty stomach. Thanks to its combination of Whey, casein, and egg, the 3K protein is suitable for strengthening muscles, whatever the sport. The foodspring endurance pack is specially adapted to the needs of endurance athletes (cardio) and helps you keep fit in all circumstances.


Cardio Health Workouts

Food supplements and certain so-called slimming products can be useful, in addition to your sports activity, to lose fat. Sport increases the consumption of vitamins, minerals, and trace elements. Conventional nutrition provided it is balanced, is generally sufficient to make up for these deficits. However, the way of life, a particular mode of food (vegetarian or vegan diet, for example. Read our advice on sport and vegetarian food ), exceptional conditions (extended stay without the possibility of refueling with fresh products, deficiencies, etc.) can lead to deficiencies. The food supplements then help. A cure for a few weeks is generally sufficient. Certain natural slimming products can also help to facilitate the absorption of fat, the elimination of toxins, or other waste from the body. These products must be selected with care. Seek medical advice.

You can still run and everywhere. Running burns the most calories and puts you to your limits faster than swimming or cycling. In the absence of health problems – especially of the joints of the feet, knees, and hips and the spine, running is, in fact, the ideal sport for acquiring necessary endurance. The required equipment is inexpensive, and you can get started immediately.

We have one last criterion, and not the least: adherence to the training format and the pleasure we take in it.

Perhaps that is the most critical thing in the end because if you do not like what you are doing, there is a good chance that you will throw in the towel, Bob!

Although this criterion is a few everyone’s tastes and colors, a meta-analysis of 2018 looked at this criterion! This showed that the subjects appreciated the training more.


Strength and Cardio Workout

The mobilization of fats becomes more active over the effort to save carbohydrate expenditure. It becomes optimal after 2:30 to 3 hours of effort. A walk of 3 hours is thus more beneficial than 3 hours of walk spread over three days. So choose long outings. If you can, coordinate the session with another endurance activity (walking to go shopping, housework, etc.): an elliptical bike session practiced just after half an hour of cleaning, for example, will make your exercise effective because lipolysis will be optimal from the start of the course!

Another primary criterion is the compatibility of your type of sport with your daily life: Think about the time you want to devote to training. While you can start running across the threshold of your door and quickly confront your limits, to get to the pool, you need to plan travel time. Do you think it realistic to do this path regularly? If you plan to cycle, consider that basic training takes longer than running or swimming. Do you have time to periodically pedal for 1 to 2 hours and the right environment nearby?

If you are in good shape and good health, running is one of the most practical sports: Running is possible anytime and anywhere. If, on the other hand, you have joint problems or your knees are often subjected to massive efforts, cycling or swimming will often be the best choice. Training on a cross-trainer or rower can be alternatives. Anyone suffering from chronic diseases such as vascular or heart problems should consult their doctor before starting endurance (cardio) training.

But above all, you have to understand that this happens when people simply don’t give the muscles time to adapt to a new “aggressive” exercise.

Small damage to muscles is good because it stimulates them to grow and adapt to stress. However, if the importance is too high, the fibers are destroyed.

When this happens, these degrade and release compounds that can be harmful to the liver (such as a protein called myoglobin), which can cause brown urine, a classic symptom of rhabdo.

That doesn’t mean you have to run away from spin or HIIT classes, just that you have to give your muscles enough time to adjust. Instructors should also be made more aware.


Cardio Bodyweight Exercises

The results of the test show that lipolysis, the process by which the body mobilizes fat, is much more critical when a break is observed than in the case of continuous exercise. The researchers also noted a very significant increase in the levels of fatty acids and glycerol, two chemicals secreted during fat metabolism, in the last 15 minutes of exercise, while these levels only increased gradually in the case of prolonged use.

“Many people believe that prolonged exercise is the best way to burn fat, but our study has shown that repeating shorter exercises could improve their mobilization and use during and after exercise… These results will help in the development of new programs aimed at losing weight.” Answers Kazushige Goto, when asked about the conclusions of his study.

To start, training three times a week is ideal. Moderate stimuli are thus fixed regularly, and the body benefits from sufficient recovery phases. You don’t have to run three times to do this. For example, a session can correspond to an aerobics or spinning (cycling) class in a gym or a short HIIT workout. Calorie consumption is particularly high in a short time, and essential endurance improves at the same time.

The training ranges are organized according to your preferences. Morning, noon, or evening, you decide and adjust. If you want to train in the morning on an empty stomach, your body is lacking in food energy, but BCAAs will prevent it from degrading your muscles. It is more critical to maintain alternating days of training and recovery, for example, by training three times a week with a day off between each session. The weekend thus remains dedicated to complete the comeback.

In medicine, rhabdomyolysis refers to a situation in which rapidly degrading skeletal muscle cells release their contents into the bloodstream, and this can be fatal.

Indeed, many cases have been reported where patients have pushed their efforts too hard without being used to it.

Most of the time, accidents have happened during Spinning classes (very popular), but there are also reports of rhabdo induced by weightlifting, CrossFit, running and P90X (a program very intense training).

These are isolated cases, people who were not ready to endure such efforts and had severe muscular trauma (a lady even had to be taken urgently to surgery where doctors opened her thighs to relieve a dangerous build-up of pressure.)

There is evidence that certain drugs, including statins, stimulants, and antipsychotics, as well as genetic factors, can cause these situations.


Cardio Workout to Burn Fat

Losing calories is not enough to lose weight
To lose weight, it is the fats that must be eliminated. Sports activity should, therefore, be carried out in such a way as to optimize their consumption, that is to say, to promote the use of lipids compared to that of carbohydrates while preserving or even developing muscle capital. Read also our article: Does sport make you lose weight?

To lose fat, you have to exercise but not too much!
Contrary to what one might have thought, recent research has shown that the share of lipids in caloric consumption is higher, the lower the intensity of the activity (Brooks and Mercier, 1994). Since the caloric expenditure is proportional to the concentration of the effort, we must find a happy medium between consuming a lot of calories, including few fats, and consuming few calories, including main lipids. Brooks and Mercier highlighted this optimal point in their “crossover” concept. To lose weight, you have to spend enough, but not too much! See our article How to burn excess fat effectively.

Necessary endurance expresses the ability to provide endurance exercise over an extended period at cruising speed. Your number one objective is, therefore, to manage to practice your sport for a minimum duration and at a regular rate. This period depends on your fitness and the type of entertainment you practice. Some serious benchmarks include 30 to 40 minutes for running, 60 to 90 minutes for the rower, and 30 to 60 minutes for swimming.

Beginners often tend to train at too high an intensity. In other words, they run, swim, or grow too fast. But anyone who teaches for a long time and too quickly puts too much strain on their body and puts themselves at risk of injury. Let’s not forget that the bones, tendons, and ligaments must also adapt to this new sport. This is only possible during slow and longer sessions. Besides, it is by training at a comfortable cruising speed that the body learns best to produce energy from fat and therefore, to burn it effectively.

The movements must be executed perfectly so as not to injure yourself. We are not here on a work of speed of execution. The load for each exercise will be defined according to your capacities.

With these three examples of HIIT training in the form of a circuit, you see that you have a wide range of options to have fun and compose a different channel for each of your sessions. Impossible to get tired!

It must be admitted that the elliptical trainer is not super fun… After 20 minutes of the elliptical trainer, we are fed up!

And then, our organism quickly gets used to this practice, so the results are less… Not very adept at this machine, Camille applied the HIIT method to the elliptical, and now she loves it!


Exercise in gym

Studies show that athletes who regularly practice endurance (cardio) training react less to stress than people who do not practice any sport. On the one hand, this comes from the positive effect of exercise on the cardiovascular system, and on the other side from the simple fact that practice constitutes a parenthesis sought in everyday life. During this moment, you are refocusing on yourself. Outdoor sports, in particular, help you step back and clear your mind while stimulating circulation.

It mainly strengthens the most important of all muscles – the myocardium (the heart). Regular training saves your heart rate in the long run. In other words, with each beat, the heart circulates more blood than in the absence of the sport. The body is, therefore, better irrigated. This phenomenon results in more vitality, a better immune system, and reduced cholesterol levels. In the long term, this improvement in blood circulation reduces the risk of vascular diseases and heart attacks.

Are you in an apartment and can’t jump? Are you registered for a gym and have a wide choice of machines and equipment at your disposal? Do you want to train outdoors with the elements of nature? Do you want to lose fat? Develop your upper body? Strengthen your back?

It’s up to you to imagine the HIITs that best match your environment, your goals, your abilities, or even your possible injuries!

Cardio training is an effective way to burn fat and lose weight. It has been known for a long time that fats are burned more effectively if we respect a target zone of intensity corresponding to approximately 70% of its maximum heart rate, that is to say, a relatively low intensity. Recent studies in Australia and Japan reveal that there is a much more effective method of losing weight. Explanations.

Basically, (almost) everyone can run, bike, and swim. Rapid progress can be observed in particular for real beginners when they follow a regular and straightforward training program. Significant improvements are visible from 4 to 6 weeks. Once the first workouts – often tricky and frustrating – behind you, you can expect quick results. Do not forget: The more quickly you master something, the more you enjoy it. Check out our tips for advanced (cardio) endurance training.

You will be able to create your training by defining the time of effort and recovery, the number of laps, the type of exercises, or their level of difficulty according to your physical capacities.

And in the form of a circuit, it’s more fun! If you go on several laps in a specific time, note how much you do. If you need to complete your circuit as quickly as possible, write down your time.


Full body cardio workout

Endurance (cardio) training is essential – regardless of the type of sport and the goal. In general, we either like or hate endurance training (cardio). But the game is worth the effort. Always and for each of us. We explain why.
It exists in many forms. By endurance (cardio) training, we mean sports that stimulate the cardiovascular system . Classic endurance sports are running, swimming, and cycling. Long sessions on the cross trainer or rower also fall into this category. The duration of a training session and its intensity of execution depend on the personal objective and the level of fitness of the sportsman.
Endurance (cardio) training is particularly suitable for weight loss. During long workouts, the body learns to burn fat effectively. Anyone who trains for at least 30 minutes at a slow pace and with a weak pulse teaches their body to draw the necessary energy from fat stores. Besides, each endurance session burns a lot of calories and helps to reach a calorie deficit faster to lose weight.

Muscles require energy to lift weights and work effectively. Energy production cannot succeed without the supply of oxygen. Regular (cardio) endurance training increases the body’s maximum oxygen absorption capacity.

The good thing about this method is that you can adapt your intensive training to suit your level or your shape of the day. You will be able to customize the HIIT method by playing on one or more aspects:

Duration of effort and recovery sequences
Recovery intensity, active or not
Number of repetitions and series
Difficulty of exercises
Total training time
Modification of the courses (in the form of a circuit for example)

The sharpening period aims to reduce the state of fatigue while maintaining a good rule of training. To sharpen is to arrive at the maximum of your possibilities on the day of the competition by playing on the processes of overcompensation. The performance level is the difference between the fatigue curve and the training curve (hatched area). Tiredness disappears more quickly than the effects of training. The performance level increases to a maximum, which is on the day of the competition if everything has been well planned. For this, various strategies may have been implemented: reduce the volume, intensity or frequency of the sessions


Workouts without equipment

What can be more efficient and straightforward than going up infinite steps? If your gym is equipped with StairMaster, don’t hesitate! I discovered this machine in my room, and clearly, you have to hang on, but we work well.

How did it work? The idea is to climb stairs infinitely.

The right position? If you know how to climb a staircase (I think so), it’s simple! You keep your back straight, your pelvis immobile, your hands on the handlebars for stability, and you push on your legs to climb. For a productive session, try to hold as little as possible on the handles with your hands, or even not to hold yourself at all, this will help you burn a maximum of calories.

Pedaling is within everyone’s reach, and it’s the ideal indoor activity for beginners. It does not stress the joints and makes it possible to build muscle in the lower body (calves, thighs, legs, and glutes) but also the hips and abs.

The right position? Adjust the height of your saddle concerning the handlebars! The goal is to be able to stay straight, and legs almost stretched when the feet are far apart.

The idea behind this test is that the more you exercise intensely, the more you are breathless, and the more difficult it is for you to speak, you will agree!

You will, therefore, be able to say if you are at a time T in low, moderate (which is the minimum in HIIT) or high intensity.

For example, sing a song you know, recite poetry, or talk to your training partner if you have one.

If you can speak comfortably and your speech is right: the effort is too weak. Otherwise, you are at least level 5 on the Borg scale.

The Borg scale is a measure of perception of effort, subjective. It is an easy way to monitor its intensity without the need for equipment, but it involves being honest with yourself!

The idea is to give you an intensity note on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 is the effort you make when you play Candy Crush while 10 is the effort you make to escape a freak who pursues you with a knife.

Functional training is essential to ensure the proper physical condition of caregivers. This useful training program will prevent or relieve back pain, a real professional risk for personnel responsible for helping people.
Our bodybuilding programs have performance (mass gain, explosiveness), aesthetic (having a flat stomach, muscular back, toned and bulging buttocks) or health (increasing the primary metabolism, improving or finding a good condition) objectives. Physical).

The Running Programs Site is aimed at both beginner, and runner jogger confirmed trail or long distances.


Indoor cardio machine

The great classic of the gym, the elliptical has proven itself and will be your ally to tone you, build muscle, and it will also appeal to your pectoral muscles and your arms. Simple to use, this machine allows you to burn calories while working your heart rate.

How does it work? By reproducing the same movements as cross-country skiing, the elliptical trainer allows you to work on the cardio, to build up your upper and lower body, and to lose weight without straining the joints since there is no impact ( unlike running for example).

The right position? We install our feet well in the center of the pedals, slightly forward, then we grab the fixed handles in front of us. We keep the back straight, the abs covered, the hips well in front of the machine, and we don’t forget to breathe.

Results? Muscular buttocks and slender legs.

After your HIIT session, you continue to burn calories, and it can last for 24 hours and even more! This is called the delayed fat burning effect, better known as the AfterBurn Effect.

HIIT also allows you to increase your VO2 max quickly. You will see a marked improvement in your aerobic and anaerobic capacities. To find out more, see the benefits section of our article on the Tabata method.

One of the easiest ways to monitor the intensity of your exercise is the Conversation Test. You don’t need any equipment, no heart rate monitor, nothing, nada!

All you need is to be able to speak and breathe.

Physical preparation for an adequately planned winter ski holiday guarantees a successful sports holiday without aches or injuries, even if you are sedentary or very little trained.

This plan, consisting of 5 periods of 4 weeks each, allows you to play sports without having knee pain. It aims to refine proprioceptive sensations. The activities that make it up are gentle physical activities at the start, water walking, elliptical trainer, and more intense at the end, trampoline, and leaping strides.

As you will have seen, there are many cardio machines in the gym. All are great for getting in shape and getting rid of calories. As always, we recommend that you warm-up and stretch before and after your cardiovascular exercise sessions.

Remember that the intensity of the work is essential. The more you increase the strength, the more calories you will burn!


Cardio workout for beginners

Above all, it is essential to adopt a healthy and balanced diet. Without that, there is no miracle, and above all, nothing is effortless. The idea with the session I’m going to offer you is to refine yourself, but also to tone your body! To see lasting results, I advise you to do three sessions of 45 minutes to 1 hour per week (minimum).

When you first enter a gym, you can quickly get lost with all the devices there are to help you, here are my three favorite devices (100% effective), check that they are present in your room. I do my sessions in “interval training,” which is to say by dividing time into different intensities.

For the timer, I use that of the device, but in the effort sometimes, we lose the thread, so I invested in a small instrument called Gymboss and allows us to create time intervals and programs. This will enable us to focus on our effort. I’m waiting to receive it, and I can’t wait!

The great thing about this method is that you can apply it to all sports:

In endurance: cycling, running, swimming, rollerblading, jump rope, elliptical, rower, treadmill, punching bag, etc.
In bodybuilding: pumps, abs, squats, lunges, pull-ups, in the gym with machines, etc.
Of course, you should not forget to warm up before…

HIIT is more effective than endurance in losing fat.

Indeed, we say that we burn, on average, 2 to 3 times more calories than during a traditional cardio session, such as running at a moderate pace.

This cardio-training program for losing weight lasts between 3 hours 40 to 4 hours per week. It has three weekly sessions, each spaced at least one day.

This training plan for passing the physical examinations of the national entrance exam to the army officers’ school meets specific requirements. It is a concrete, contextualized case. Consult it by identifying the guidelines to adapt it to your abilities.

The static bike is one of the most common and widely used machines in fitness rooms. The only problem is that if you want to promote weight loss, you have to maintain a moderately intense pace. In case you want to increase the difficulty, you can change the degree of resistance so that your legs make a more considerable effort.

If you want to maximize weight loss with the static bike, we suggest you opt for interval training. In other words, you must select the highest intensity and hold for durations of a few minutes. Then decrease the speed for about a minute. Repeat the process continuously for as long as you can.