Cardio Workouts You Can Do

For a complete and practical fitness session, consider giving yourself a few minutes to return to calm to gradually lower your heart rate. Take the opportunity to stretch your muscles with a few stretching movements. This will prevent the appearance of aches.

Recovery is also essential! Your muscles need time to do reconstruction work between two training sessions. It would be best if you adapted your recovery time to the intensity of the effort you provided during your session.

Finally, to get the best benefit from your efforts, avoid working the same part of the body or the same muscle two days in a row.

This jump rope-fitness exercise program, more intended for women, tones muscles without making them fat. It allows in about 30 minutes to combine rope jumping with four exercises without fitness load targeting the effort on the glutes and thighs.
A jump rope program followed three times a week for 30 minutes per session is accompanied by a significant increase in muscular endurance
As if that weren’t enough, the treadmill is undoubtedly the simplest of all the cardiovascular machines you can find in a gym. Just press “Start” and adjust the speed and the degree of incline!

Not all sports halls have rowers, but this machine remains excellent for working the upper and lower parts of the body without any pressure exerted on the joints and ligaments. The most significant disadvantage of this machine is that a deficient technique can limit its effectiveness.

To perform the exercise correctly, you must keep your chest forward and your back straight. Your whole body must be stressed. Don’t let your arms do all the work and try to use your legs to get the movement going.
Don’t have a lot of time to devote to your sports training? Do you want results quickly? Is your goal to boost your performance? Are you looking to expand your heart rate? Aren’t you afraid of suffering? Then HIIT is THE method that suits you!

We already told you about the Tabata method in just 4 minutes, the Freeletics application, or the Battle Rope, but also the CrossFit, which are based on the concept of HIIT. But what is HIIT? Discover the principle, its applications, and numerous advantages, as well as examples of circuits in fractional training.

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