Cardio workouts at home

HIIT, in English High-Intensity Interval Training, corresponds to high-intensity interval training. This method is also known as fractional training or metabolic circuit.

The concept: combining periods of very high-intensity effort with periods of rest or active recovery. Most of the time, a ratio of 2 to 1 is used — for example, 30 seconds of intensive work for 15 seconds of recovery. However, the more you progress, the more you can extend working hours and reduce rest times.

We can also switch to a so-called active recovery time (example: cladding). The ideal is to keep intensity of 50% to 60% during recovery periods to keep the heart rate at a high level. As with any sport, it is best to be regular. Three times a week seems to be a good average.

You will understand that it is difficult to determine a duration in particular for a practical fitness session. It all depends on your goal and your level of practice. Stay tuned to your body and maintain regularity in your training program. It’s your turn.

I am currently doing jump rope. Before, I weighed 58kg after a stringent diet; at the end of it, the yoyo effect made me gain 9 kg in 2 months. What do you recommend to find my size?
This Elliptical-Abs-Buttocks program builds on the advantages of the elliptical trainer to improve cardiovascular endurance and those of the bodyweight training method to have a flat stomach and shapely but not massive glutes.

The cardio means a workout based on the control of heart rate during exercise; it involves the organism as a whole, on the muscular and cardiovascular planes.

The elliptical trainer is a popular cardio machine, which minimizes the impact on the knees and hips. Its main advantage is that it allows you to perform a complete workout without straining the joints too much.

If your goal is to eliminate calories on an elliptical trainer, we recommend that you opt for the highest degree of incline. This will activate the leg muscles, especially in the gluteal area.

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