Cardio Workout to Burn Fat

Losing calories is not enough to lose weight
To lose weight, it is the fats that must be eliminated. Sports activity should, therefore, be carried out in such a way as to optimize their consumption, that is to say, to promote the use of lipids compared to that of carbohydrates while preserving or even developing muscle capital. Read also our article: Does sport make you lose weight?

To lose fat, you have to exercise but not too much!
Contrary to what one might have thought, recent research has shown that the share of lipids in caloric consumption is higher, the lower the intensity of the activity (Brooks and Mercier, 1994). Since the caloric expenditure is proportional to the concentration of the effort, we must find a happy medium between consuming a lot of calories, including few fats, and consuming few calories, including main lipids. Brooks and Mercier highlighted this optimal point in their “crossover” concept. To lose weight, you have to spend enough, but not too much! See our article How to burn excess fat effectively.

Necessary endurance expresses the ability to provide endurance exercise over an extended period at cruising speed. Your number one objective is, therefore, to manage to practice your sport for a minimum duration and at a regular rate. This period depends on your fitness and the type of entertainment you practice. Some serious benchmarks include 30 to 40 minutes for running, 60 to 90 minutes for the rower, and 30 to 60 minutes for swimming.

Beginners often tend to train at too high an intensity. In other words, they run, swim, or grow too fast. But anyone who teaches for a long time and too quickly puts too much strain on their body and puts themselves at risk of injury. Let’s not forget that the bones, tendons, and ligaments must also adapt to this new sport. This is only possible during slow and longer sessions. Besides, it is by training at a comfortable cruising speed that the body learns best to produce energy from fat and therefore, to burn it effectively.

The movements must be executed perfectly so as not to injure yourself. We are not here on a work of speed of execution. The load for each exercise will be defined according to your capacities.

With these three examples of HIIT training in the form of a circuit, you see that you have a wide range of options to have fun and compose a different channel for each of your sessions. Impossible to get tired!

It must be admitted that the elliptical trainer is not super fun… After 20 minutes of the elliptical trainer, we are fed up!

And then, our organism quickly gets used to this practice, so the results are less… Not very adept at this machine, Camille applied the HIIT method to the elliptical, and now she loves it!

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