Cardio workout bodybuilding

To exercise your cardio, you don’t need a gym membership or to invest in an exercise bike. No need to spend 1 hour running either …

This article is therefore intended for all those who are broke, but besides those who do not have time! Not, this article is designed for all those (men and women) who want to be able to do cardio exercises at home because it is good for health

As we have seen, interval training is an effective way to burn fat. It consists of a repetition of accelerations (high or maximum intensity) and breaks. The breaks can be active (low energy) or passive (minimum concentration). The duration of the effort times varies from a few seconds to a few minutes, depending on the objective to be achieved (weight and fat loss, training, power development, etc.).

You can do this cardio circuit every day if you want, but if you can already keep to a rhythm of 3 times a week, that’s good. Ç has made you a complete workout in only 30 minutes/week, not wrong, right?

You don’t have to follow my program to the letter, and you can adapt it by keeping only a few exercises. However, try to make sure that your session is not less than 8-10min. If you remove exercises while maintaining the same execution times, then do three sets instead of 2. (for example, three sets of 3min = 9min, it’s ok).

If you are starting, take it easy. This kind of high-intensity session can quickly turn your head.

The fractional requires good physical condition. Do it only if you already do an endurance sport regularly. Ask for your doctor’s opinion.

Besides, if you practice a slimming diet, know that the practice of a sporting activity is not always compatible, in particular in the case of intense and prolonged efforts. Read about this article, Sport and diet: is it consistent? Always seek the advice of a doctor before starting a diet or if you are on a diet and want to start a sporting activity.

Cycling is suitable for getting started because it preserves the joints, and the movement is easy to execute. The prerequisite for any cycling session is a good position for the saddle and handlebars. It requires knowledge or the help of an expert. In particular, if you are a reasonably advanced athlete, essential endurance (cardio) training in cycling often takes longer than running or swimming.

Endurance (cardio) training confronts the body with new challenges. You must take these new goals into account in your diet. The need for minerals is increasing. The zinc and magnesium, in particular, is essential for perfect muscle function and rapid recovery. The BCCA protects muscles when the drive is performed on an empty stomach. Thanks to its combination of Whey, casein, and egg, the 3K protein is suitable for strengthening muscles, whatever the sport. The foodspring endurance pack is specially adapted to the needs of endurance athletes (cardio) and helps you keep fit in all circumstances.

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