Cardio Health Workouts

Food supplements and certain so-called slimming products can be useful, in addition to your sports activity, to lose fat. Sport increases the consumption of vitamins, minerals, and trace elements. Conventional nutrition provided it is balanced, is generally sufficient to make up for these deficits. However, the way of life, a particular mode of food (vegetarian or vegan diet, for example. Read our advice on sport and vegetarian food ), exceptional conditions (extended stay without the possibility of refueling with fresh products, deficiencies, etc.) can lead to deficiencies. The food supplements then help. A cure for a few weeks is generally sufficient. Certain natural slimming products can also help to facilitate the absorption of fat, the elimination of toxins, or other waste from the body. These products must be selected with care. Seek medical advice.

You can still run and everywhere. Running burns the most calories and puts you to your limits faster than swimming or cycling. In the absence of health problems – especially of the joints of the feet, knees, and hips and the spine, running is, in fact, the ideal sport for acquiring necessary endurance. The required equipment is inexpensive, and you can get started immediately.

We have one last criterion, and not the least: adherence to the training format and the pleasure we take in it.

Perhaps that is the most critical thing in the end because if you do not like what you are doing, there is a good chance that you will throw in the towel, Bob!

Although this criterion is a few everyone’s tastes and colors, a meta-analysis of 2018 looked at this criterion! This showed that the subjects appreciated the training more.

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