Cardio Bodyweight Exercises

The results of the test show that lipolysis, the process by which the body mobilizes fat, is much more critical when a break is observed than in the case of continuous exercise. The researchers also noted a very significant increase in the levels of fatty acids and glycerol, two chemicals secreted during fat metabolism, in the last 15 minutes of exercise, while these levels only increased gradually in the case of prolonged use.

“Many people believe that prolonged exercise is the best way to burn fat, but our study has shown that repeating shorter exercises could improve their mobilization and use during and after exercise… These results will help in the development of new programs aimed at losing weight.” Answers Kazushige Goto, when asked about the conclusions of his study.

To start, training three times a week is ideal. Moderate stimuli are thus fixed regularly, and the body benefits from sufficient recovery phases. You don’t have to run three times to do this. For example, a session can correspond to an aerobics or spinning (cycling) class in a gym or a short HIIT workout. Calorie consumption is particularly high in a short time, and essential endurance improves at the same time.

The training ranges are organized according to your preferences. Morning, noon, or evening, you decide and adjust. If you want to train in the morning on an empty stomach, your body is lacking in food energy, but BCAAs will prevent it from degrading your muscles. It is more critical to maintain alternating days of training and recovery, for example, by training three times a week with a day off between each session. The weekend thus remains dedicated to complete the comeback.

In medicine, rhabdomyolysis refers to a situation in which rapidly degrading skeletal muscle cells release their contents into the bloodstream, and this can be fatal.

Indeed, many cases have been reported where patients have pushed their efforts too hard without being used to it.

Most of the time, accidents have happened during Spinning classes (very popular), but there are also reports of rhabdo induced by weightlifting, CrossFit, running and P90X (a program very intense training).

These are isolated cases, people who were not ready to endure such efforts and had severe muscular trauma (a lady even had to be taken urgently to surgery where doctors opened her thighs to relieve a dangerous build-up of pressure.)

There is evidence that certain drugs, including statins, stimulants, and antipsychotics, as well as genetic factors, can cause these situations.

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