Exam 70-480 Programming with HTML5, Javascript and CSS3 Study Guide

If you plan to study for the Programming HTML5 with Javascript and CSS3 70-480 exam, but you don’t want to wait for the  proper study materials to arrive next year, or you don’t want to take or can’t afford a classroom training course, you have to prepare yourself for lots of work browsing the web for resources and information that cover the list of skills that will be measured . In the beginning I just created a list of links in my browser favourites folder , but decided afterwards to create a proper reference that I have continuosly been working on, and now I feel it’s good enough to share it with the community.  This guide is free to use for everyone, but it certainly has potential for improvement , so comments on eg. links to better resources on certain topics or anyhing else that might be helpful are most welcome.

The guide’s structure is in accordance with the “Skills Measured” section on the exam’s home page at Microsoft Learning.

Implement and Manipulate Document Structures and Objects(24%)

Create the document structure

Structure the UI by using semantic markup
Create a layout container in HTML

Write code that interacts with UI controls

Programmatically add and modify HTML elements
Implement media controls (audio and video)
Implement HTML Canvas and SVG Graphics

Apply styling to HTML elements programmatically

Change the location of an element
Apply a transform
Show and Hide elements

Implement HTML5 API’s

Implement App Cache API
Implement Storage API
Implement GeoLocation API

Establish the scope of objects and variables

Define the lifetime of variables
Keep objects out of the normal namespace
Use the “this” keyword to reference an object that fired an event
Scope variables locally and globally

Create and implement objects and methods

Implement native objects
Create custom objects and custom properties for native objects using prototypes and functions
Inherit from an object
Implement native methods and  create custom methods

Implement Program Flow (25%)

Implement program flow

Iterate across collections and array items
Manage program decisions by using switch statements, if/else and operators
Evaluate expressions

Raise and handle an event

Handle common events exposed by DOM(OnBlur, OnFocus, OnClick)
Declare and handle bubbled events
Handling an event by using an anonymous function

Implement exception handling

Set and respond to error codes
Throw an exception
Request for null checks
Implement try-catch-finally blocks

Implement a callback

Receive messages from the HTML5 WebSocket API
Use jQuery to make an AJAX call
Wire up an event
Implement a callback by using anonymous functions
Handle the “this” pointer

Create a web worker process

Start and stop a web worker
Pass data to a web worker
Configure timeouts and intervals on the web worker
Register an event listener for the web worker
Limitations of a web worker

Access and Secure Data (26%)

Validate user input by using HTML5 elements

Choose the appropriate controls based on requirements
Implement HTML input types and content attributes (for example, required) to collect user input

Validate user input by using JavaScript

Evaluate a regular expression to validate the input format
Validate that you are getting right kind of data type by using built-in functions
Prevent code injection

Consume data

Consume JSON and XML data
Retrieve data by using web services
Load data or get data from other sources by using XMLHTTPRequest

Serialize, deserialize and transmit data

Binary data
Text data (JSON, XML)
Implement the jQuery serialize method
Parse data
Send data by using XMLHTTPRequest
Sanitize input by using URI/Form encoding

Use CSS3 in Applications (25%)

Style HTML text properties

Apply styles to text appearance(color, bold, italics)
Apply styles to text font (WOFF and @font-face, size)
Apply styles to text alignment, spacing and indentation
Apply styles to text hyphenation
Apply styles for a text drop shadow

Style HTML box properties

Apply styles to alter appearance attributes (size, border and rounding corners, outline, padding, margin)
Apply styles to alter graphic effects(transparency, opacity, background image, gradients, shadow, clipping)
Apply styles to establish and change an element’s position (static, relative, absolute, fixed)

Create a flexible content layout

Implement a layout using a flexible box model
Implement a layout using multi-column
Implement a layout using position floating and exclusions
Implement a layout using grid alignment
Implement a layout using regions, grouping and nesting

Create an animated and adaptive UI

Animate objects by applying CSS transitions
Apply 3D and 2D transformations
Adjust UI based on media queries(device adaptations for output formats, displays, and representations)
Hide or Disable controls

Find elements by using CSS selectors and jQuery

Choose the correct selector to reference an element
Define element, style and attribute selectors
Find elements by using pseudo-elements and pseudo-classes (for example, :before, :first-line :first-letter, :target, :lang, :checked, :first-child)

Structure a CSS file by using selectors

Reference elements correctly
Implement inheritance
Override inheritance by using !important
Style an element based on pseudo-elements and pseudo-classes (for example, :before, :first-line :first-letter, :target, :lang, :checked, :first-child)



Developing HTML5 Apps Jump Start
CSS Tutorial for Beginners
Getting offline with AppCache
HTML5 offline and local Storage

Code Resources and Samples



70-480 Exam Ref ( will be available in April 2013)
The Definitive Guide to HTML5
The Book of CSS3
Javascript – The Complete Reference
Programming Windows 8 Apps with HTML, CSS and Javascript ( Free e-book)

Other Resources

CodeFoster – Jeremy Foster’s Blog
Michael Palermo’s Blog
HTML5 Rocks
Javascript Reference from Mozilla
jQuery home page
CSS3 Explained
JavaScript Tutorial
Document Object Model

17 comments on “Exam 70-480 Programming with HTML5, Javascript and CSS3 Study Guide

    • Well done David! I once tried the same thing, and although I passed easily, I felt like a broiler having memorized the questions and answers without actually gaining much knowledge, so I felt like cheating to myself. So I’m not going to advertise for any of those “quiz” packages.

  1. Great work! I passed it today, and this post was the only one source I’ve used, except for the Jump Start videos fromchannel9.msdn.com.

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  3. I have found a wonderful reference book in eBook format for the 70-480 exam. The title is – Training Guide: Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3. It is offered from O’reilly Books on early release. The URL is http://www.shoporeilly.com/product/0790145371133.do. This week it is being offered at a 50% discount. I take the 70-480 exam tomorrow, so I will let you know how I do.

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